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Tiger Woods Dubai project to be completed

12:05 - 2 Feb '10

The Tiger Woods Dubai golf course and luxury-home complex, which has been delayed by the emirate's property slump, will be completed as planned, Bloomberg has reported. 'We haven't decided yet on a date for its completion or delivery to the market, but the project is ongoing,' Dubai Properties Group Chief Executive Officer Khalid Al Malik told the news service. Work on the course, designed by Woods and originally due to be finished by September 2009, has gotten as far as the eighth hole, he said. Plans for the 55 million-square-foot Tiger Woods Dubai include 287 luxury villas and mansions, a boutique hotel and a clubhouse. 'Part of the project is sold and the other part will go to the market once it's completed because we believe it's better to do it then,' Al Malik said. 'We are moving on with that plan and we are continuing the project without a doubt.'


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