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Nakheel denies speculative Palm Jumeirah sinking claims

12:18 - 13 Dec '09

Dubai-based developer, Nakheel has dismissed as "inaccurate" information from a remote sensing satellite firm claiming the developer's iconic Palm Jumeirah may be sinking into the sea, according to Property Wire website.

"Speculative reports suggesting Palm Jumeirah is sinking and vulnerable to flooding are wholly inaccurate," Nakheel said in a statement. 'The Palm is intact. If there were subsidence, even as little as 5mm, this would generate obvious physical manifestations including masonry cracking, leaking pipes, broken windows and so forth. We have no evidence of that happening,' said Shaun Lenehan, head of Nakheel's environment department. The claims were made by European ground survey company Fugro NPA.


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